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Tonight D and I were watching Bad Boys II with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. There was a scene where Will Smith is wearing a police outfit which is all black and they have just come back to the station and Martin Lawrence’s sister has been taken by the bad guys. Well……it isn’t just that Will Smith looks hot…..Will Smith always looks hot…..but there is a moment when he goes from standing still to a full sprint and his body is just so obviously a masterpiece.  I want that. Not “want that”. I want my body to do that. I want to have every muscle trained and sculpted to near perfection. I want to feel my body respond effortlessly to my mind’s commands.

So, I’m thinking about stepping up the workouts and the diet a notch.  Tomorrow I’ll be going to get the book The Engine 2 Diet. Then I will read it. Then I will spend 28 days doing whatever it says. I’ll let you know how things go and how crazy the diet is. I’ve done the Eat to Live diet before. I wasn’t vegan already when I was doing that only veg so I craved all sorts of stuff that I wasn’t supposed to have. I feel like now that I’ve conquered the vegan thing and have now found stevia (yay!) I would have much less trouble with that sort of thing.

We’ll just have to see what happens though. I don’t really know anything about the diet itself at this point so I’m going in pretty much blind. But the book has come highly recommended so I’m going to give it a try. The fact that it comes with exercise info too is the big draw for me at the moment. That and the recipes.

Wish me luck!

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