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Vegan Politics

I grew up being Catholic and thinking that it was a good thing to be. I enjoyed the ritual and ceremony. I loved being part of something. I believed in a benevolent God who listened and watched over me.

In the last several years, my views on spirituality have changed.

When I first started questioning things, I must admit that I began to see Christianity as more and more evil. Everywhere I looked it seemed that terrible things were being done “in Jesus’ name”. Gay and black people being harassed and even killed. Since September 11th, Muslims have received a lot of  “Christian hospitality”.

Well, the other morning when D and I were getting ready for the gym, there was a comedian on TV talking about how he grew up Christian and later became atheist. It just sort of clicked in my head suddenly that a predominance of the vegans and vegetarians I know of are atheist. It seems that more and more educated and rational people are atheist these days. I mentioned it to D and he said that he wasn’t surprised at all about that. That it made perfect sense to him because of how over the top liberal vegetarians are. Of course they would be atheist.

Maybe this comment doesn’t strike you the way it does me and I’m just more naive than even I would have imagined. But it just about floored me! I was even pretty offended.

It has taken me a couple of days to really let the comments sink in far enough for me to be able to write about them here.

I’m not even entirely sure why I’m offended. I am liberal. I am atheist. I am vegan. And I find all of those things to be very positive. But I never really associated one with another. I’ve felt that they were three very separate things.

D is non-religious, but if you ask him, he would probably say that he is Christian. He’s only been to church a handful of times in his entire life and he probably couldn’t relate a single Bible story.

My problem with his comment is this: I feel vegans are the most compassionate people on the planet and care more for the welfare of others than just about any other group of people there is. I relate veganism with compassion. He relates veganism with being anti-social and wayward.

And this is from a person who loves, respects and generally supports me.

I’m not sure what I’m going to to with this information just yet, but certainly there is something to be done with it.

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