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Qualifying Words

I don’t want to qualify food terms any more. Barring that, I may just have to start qualifying all non-vegan foods as well.

I drink milk. I eat cream cheese. I love ice cream.

The omni’s don’t get to own those words any more. They are only general descriptions anyway and not specific to a single item.

Many different varieties of milk from cows exist. Cow milk based cream cheese comes in all sorts of variations. Ice cream can be something simple and vanilla or so disgusting that only a two-year-old would ever consider it ( I’m thinking super-man or bubble gum type substances ).

As for “fake meats”, I think it would be best to come up with new words all together. I have always found it a little off putting to have my protein referred to using death terms. Surely our community is creative enough to come up with entirely unique but descriptive terms.

The term omnivore doesn’t work for me either. Even “meat eater” isn’t good enough. I want something truly repugnant. Something which gives people a mental image so ghastly they recoil is disgust.

So, anyone out there who has some suggestions for new vegan words…..comment away. I would LOVE for us to have a new vocabulary devoid of death words.

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