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It just really isn't funny

D and I had a big fight today.

I posted a link to the Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality video on FaceBook. None of my friends are vegan and only 1 person is even vegetarian so most people don’t really enjoy any of the animal rights stuff I post. I get a little negative feedback and no positive.

I didn’t actually mention anything to D about the video ( I never do ), I just put it out there. So he comes over to me and asks if “I’m going to want to see this?”

I feel that people who consume animal products should watch these videos, but of course no one “wants” to see such things. I sometimes feel like doing a Clockwork Orange type of intervention on people. But, of course, I wouldn’t…..doesn’t mean the thought does not cross my mind from time to time though.

But I digress…..

I hesitated before responding to him because it is my opinion that bashing people over the head who aren’t ready is counter-productive. That sort of approach simply makes them dig in their heels and think you’re a fanatic instead of a well informed, compassionate person looking to educate others. D is very much not ready. He eats meat at nearly every meal and has eggs for breakfast every day and cheese covers every bite he consumes.

I finally said that while I don’t think he would enjoy watching it, I believe that it would be beneficial for him to understand what he is contributing to. This simple statement made him very defensive. He felt the need to point out that we almost never buy cow milk any more and that he has been willing to eat food I have used soy milk in. He then went on to tell me how he “couldn’t live without cheese.”

And then……while he is leaning over my shoulder he starts making “yum” noises like he is right at that moment enjoying a big ole mouthful of said sh*t. He thought it would be funny. Not funny.

I had just finished watching the video and was trying not to cry. I got angry and told him it wasn’t funny and he huffed off and began his routine of slamming things.

I used to say that I could never live without cheese. I understand how ingrained our food choices are. I get it.

But non-vegans should get this: We don’t find any single thing amusing about consuming animal products. Ever. It takes a great deal of self control for us to NOT go all Clockwork Orange on you.

Pet lovers should try replacing “cow” with “cat” in any scenario before opening their mouths and see if what you’re about to say or do would be funny to you then.

Parents should try using the world “child”.

Doesn’t have to even be your cat or child. Just give it a try and then see if you’re still laughing.

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