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I’ve moved to Dallas!  We’ve been here about a month now and loving it!

It is amazing how much nicer it is to live in a vegan friendly community.  There are loads of vegan restaurants here and a large and active vegan community. Even the local grocery store has an extensive selection of specialty vegan items.  We live in the outskirts of Dallas right now, so no Whole Foods around here and no independent health food stores either.  But I can get to Whole Foods in about 30 mins….so that isn’t too bad when I need hard core items.

I recently went and worked at a farm sanctuary. It was wonderful to be able to spend time helping the animals.  If you get a chance to do something like this…I would highly recommend it.

I’m working on getting D to come out with me.  I can’t imagine he would have such an easy time eating bacon after playing with the piggies, but you never know.  It may take more than one trip to change his mind. Here’s hoping!

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