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Daiya on Pizza is Gross!

I can’t really believe that I’m the only person who absolutely cannot stand Daiya on pizza. I’ve tried making pizza several times and I’ve even gotten a pizza from Whole Foods with Daiya. It is just inedible! Yuck, gross, not gonna happen…..couldn’t even scrape the stuff off to save the pizza.

With that said, I generally love Daiya. I’ll eat the stuff right out of the bag and put it all over pasta. So, I challenge anyone to give me the magic secret to making pizza with Daiya where the cheese doesn’t turn into a clam chowder consistency. I’m aching for pizza with some cheese on it!

I am going to try turning making the pizza without putting the cheese on until the very end and then turning the heat down on the oven.  This is the only thing I can think of which has a hope of working. When I do….I’ll give you all an update.

Until then, please let me know if you have had a similar problem and were able to solve it. I really would love some good old pizza with cheese on it.  :<

2 comments to Daiya on Pizza is Gross!

  • Hello,
    We are sorry to hear that you haven’t enjoyed Daiya Style Shreds on pizza yet!

    I would love to be able to send you some pizza recipes for you to try for a better experience. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions about cooking with Daiya products.

    Healthy Regards,

    Shnane Liem
    Consumer Relations
    Daiya Foods

  • Kc

    The only pizza recipe I found on the site called for only 1/8 cup of Daiya. I’m looking for a nearly classic type pizza. Have no fear though, I have not given up and have several ideas on how to make this work just the way i want.

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