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I’ve been vegetarian since ’93 with a brief run at being vegan in the middle there.  The veganism did not stick simply because I was not committed enough and did not have the will power to combat external forces.

I’ve now regrouped and recommitted to leading a vegan life.

Fruit Salad

But I want more than to just be vegan.

I’m one of those people who love food and enjoy cooking and variety and satiety.  I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life ( except during that vegan stint….which was really vegan+ ) and no matter how much I work out….my diet is always going to be the major factor for my weight.  So my real goal is not just vegan… is super healthy vegan+.

Vegan+ means no white sugar, no white flour, and no added oil on top of the no dairy, no eggs, and no rotting carcasses.  I’m not always 100% on the “+” part….but it is my goal.  I also try to use natural remidies to cure any maladies instead of resorting to pharmaceuticals.

I’m vegan for both ethical ( both the animal and the human plight ) and health reasons.

I hope you enjoy sharing in my journey and find both useful and uplifting information here.